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The Back Story         

    In 2010 I uprooted my life. I needed to shake up the energy that I had been living in for 13 years in San Diego, CA.  I had graduated from college, got married...went through a painful divorce four years later, struggled to find myself and then struggled to know what to do with said self once I found it, I honed in on what I wanted to be when I grew up (more like answered my souls calling, really), worked some incredible jobs that taught me so much, and eventually started my own company (United Learning Foundation/ Compassionate Vendor Program). It was then when my often blurred life came sharply in to focus.  All of a sudden I had created something that required my devotion, my time, my commitment, my sacrifices, and every ounce of energy that I had. Enter: THE DECISION.

​    I realized that I could continue to stay in San Diego and put all of my money toward living expenses or I could move back home (*GASP*!) with my mother and my cat- neither of which were happy about this new transition- and put all of my money toward my business' start-up costs.

    It was out of this move that a blog was created (http://mymomandiat34.blogspot.com/) by the prompting of all of my sweet friends who wanted to follow my adventure of living with my mother again, at 34 years old.

    Fast forward four + years and my editor, the Editor of the Community Alliance, California's popular and unique progressive newspaper, found me. Intrigued by U.L.F. I took a meeting with him to discuss my business that then divinely took a sharp right turn in another direction. The Outcome? My column Tiffany's Take: One Girls Journey Through Conscious Living was born; modeled after my initial blog. 

So here we are, dear friends.  I will post the direct links to my columns every month  and will perhaps post new pieces independent of the newspaper, every once in awhile. Check back often if you're interested in glimpses into my life, storytelling, humor, melancholy at times, hard questions, and life lessons. 

Maya Angelou once said that the duty of those of us who have experienced more of life is to then report back the journey for the rest of us. Consider my writings as my reporting back. I hope, dear Maya, that I do you proud.

Life Lesson #1: Stay Open to EVERYTHING and allow the magic to find you.
Tiffany's Take
One girls journey through conscious living.

by: Tiffany A. Potter (as seen in the Community Alliance & various other publications)

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